Why I Love Pinterest Boards for Copywriting Projects

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Okay, I’ll be honest. Pinterest isn’t my favorite thing in the world. A tad too much wedding planning and food that looks like non-food objects for my taste. But I’ve recently found it incredibly helpful in a way I never expected it–for working with copywriting clients.

As a copywriter specializing in fashion and design copywriting, I work with a lot of designers and artists who are just getting started and launching their own lines, and need a copywriter to help get their website off the ground. These projects are often ones that people have dreamed their entire lives of launching. They’re their babies. And as such, they’re often very difficult to talk about clearly and directly. I don’t blame the client here. When I try to talk about my fiction writing (my baby), I’m at a loss for words, as well. It’s hard to sum up what your brand means over the phone or by email. Especially when it comes to brand tone and voice.

That’s where Pinterest comes in. My clients often have boards that they’ve created that sum up exactly what they’re going for in terms of tone. And often, I can get a better sense of what they want in one look than in a ten-minute convo of them trying to explain. Sometimes colors, designs, and inspirational photography simply says a lot more than words can at such a nascent stage of branding.

Of course, mood boards are nothing new in the advertising and copywriting fields. But it’s fairly recent that mood boards are so easy to make and share. Often, clients haven’t written a single word about their brand but they have several Pinterest boards dedicated to it.

It’s funny, because I’ve seen other creative professionals (mostly photographers) lament Pinterest, because it can hamper creativity if clients get too specific about the images they want. But when it comes to copy, I welcome it. It helps me understand exactly what a client wants and cut down on potential revisions.

Fellow copywriters–do you use your clients Pinterest boards to get ideas?

If you’re looking to hire a copywriter for your brand or service, please contact me here.



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